Frikeh and Albacore Salad

Fresh canned albacore combined with Frikeh, a middle eastern ingredient, fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, and other fresh ingredients.

Video thumbnail for youtube video Discovering Farmers Markets Wherever You Are

Discovering Farmers Markets Wherever You Are

August 12, 2011 Two things came together and made a splash: data and love for good food! Last year the USDA launched a new mapping feature for their National Farmers Market Directory and access to raw data for “app designers and researchers to develop even more sophisticated or fine-tuned uses of the USDA Farmers Market […]


Challenge Yourself to Waste Less

July 18, 2011 No time like the present to change some old habits into ones that not only are beneficial to you, but ultimately to the planet as well. GOOD magazine is holding a 30-day challenge this month and it is one we all can participate in each and every day: Waste Less. “…the average […]