Video thumbnail for youtube video Community Digs in to Help Local Farm and Eatery

Community Digs in to Help Local Farm and Eatery

June 03, 2011 Dava Parr, owner of Fresh & Wyld Farmhouse Inn, a small local business in Paonia, Colorado, was facing a balloon payment she could not make and recently reached out to the community for support, and found it. One such person who stepped forward to help out was High Country News managing editor, […]

Naomi’s Organic Farm Supply Hoping to Stay in Neighborhood

May 16, 2011 In many urban areas people are beginning to grow their own food, raise chickens, and start an apiary. In more rural areas, or suburban fringes, you might go to your local feed store to get necessary supplies or advice to help you along. But what about in a metropolitan setting? Most national […]


Six Speak Out on Preventing Cruelty on the Farm

May 11, 2011 A variety of voices are being raised on NYTime’s ‘Room for Debate‘ opinion page this week, with the subject header being Preventing Cruelty on the Farm. This is an important topic that warrants discussion as a number of states consider changing laws that prohibit photographs or filming of a farm without that […]

HRH The Prince  Of Wales at the Washington Post Future of Food Conference May 4, 2011

Prince of Wales Speech on the Future of Food

This Washington Post conference brought together some of the world’s leading thought leaders, food industry executives, and others for a day long discussion of issues on the future of food.