Toro Bravo cookbook- Bacon-Wrapped Dates Recipe

Bacon-Wrapped Dates Recipe

The first time I had bacon-wrapped dates was in Barcelona, where they were stuffed with cheese. At Toro, we wrap dates in bacon, iron the bacon jackets on, and serve them in a honey sauce that makes a sort of sandwich—so that you get sweetness on both sides of the bacon, along with layers of flavor: acidity from the lemon, and compelling smokiness from the pimentón.

Opening and Pouring Sparkling Wine- 101

Opening and Pouring Sparkling Wine- 101

Bruce Bauer, proprietor of Vino, a specialty wine shop in Portland, Oregon answers two of the most commonly asked questions that he receives about sparkling wine.

Debbie Dean-the Artist, featured artisan in Cooking Up a Story's new online store.

Debbie Dean-the Artist

Cooking Up a Story introduces its new online store with a story about Debbie Dean, one of the exciting artisans whose products they are now featuring.

Featuring artist Tonya Gray

Featuring Artist Tonya Gray

Tonya Gray’s magnetic chalkboards are sturdy, versatile, and functional while still being artistic creations. They hang on a wall from a wire, a refrigerator, or outside the home, always at the ready for the perfect short message, list, and reminder.