Novella Carpenter e Interview

Fall is in full swing and Winter isn’t far beyond, I’ve been enjoying local apples, squash and weekly pots of soup. While this time of year usually encourages folks to slow down a bit I hardly have a moment to myself but was thrilled when I was able to recently carve out a little time […]

Greg Massa, Organic Farmer

Rice Harvest 2009

A Farmer’s View from the Field Greg Massa, of Massa Organics, spends around 3 weeks of time harvesting his rice fields. A lot of that time is spent in the cab of a John Deere 9770 STS, affixed with a stripper header. It is well equipped inside with a control panel (a button pusher’s heaven!), […]

Michelle Conlin, Isabella Beavan, and Colin Beavan

No Impact Man: Movie Review

Let me make sure I have my facts straight: In the heart of New York City, a husband and wife, and their very young daughter, embark on a year long journey to transition into a lifestyle that leaves behind a zero carbon footprint? That means: no plastic bottles, no restaurant food, no coffee shops, no […]

Video thumbnail for youtube video Growing Local Campaign: From Field To Fork

Growing Local Campaign: From Field To Fork

From American Farmland Trust, a short video about what producing local food means to communities, and why it is so important a goal to accomplish. The American Farmland Trust is a non-profit organization that began with farmers and conservationists in 1980, whose central purpose is to protect valuable farmland from being lost. Working across Federal, […]