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Growing Backyard Mushrooms

Dustin Olsen of The Mushroomery in Lebanon, Oregon shares some tips for growing a variety of mushrooms in your own backyard. His mushroom farm grows and sells wild and cultivated organic mushrooms, and also mushroom kits for those interested in growing their own mushrooms at home. Below are some pictures from his farm during our visit in February.

Close-up of Inoculated Dowels

Close-up of Inoculated Dowels

Inoculated Logs

Inoculated logs at The Mushroomery. In a year, Shitaki mushrooms will arise from the logs.

Bagging Inoculated Straw

Bagging the inoculated straw. The straw is first pasteurized to kill off unwanted bacteria, and then inoculated with mycelium spores. Straw provides an excellent environment for the mushrooms to grow.

Rush Hour Traffic, Lebanon, Oregon

Rush Hour Traffic, Lebanon, Oregon

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  1. Brooks says:

    Wow! That was cool! I want to grow mushrooms! Thanks very much for that report.