Video thumbnail for vimeo video Urban Sprawl as Documented by Arizona Farmer

Urban Sprawl as Documented by Arizona Farmer

April 04, 2011 As farmland is lost to developers, Arizona farmer (and artist) Matthew Moore creates house floorplans in nearby fields to represent these soon-to-be buildings. Part art, part warning, these expressive works reminds us of “23 million acres (and counting) of farmland swallowed up by urban development in the US during the last 25 […]


Who’s a ‘Real Farmer’?

March 03, 2011 This question has popped up on occasion when trying to define certain subjects in the past such as ‘backyard gardening’ or ‘urban farming’. Is it farming or is it gardening? What defines the difference? Representative Nancy Smith (Maine) is a farmer, in the traditional sense of the word, and she has something […]