Barbecue Grilling the Sustainable Way

Barbecue Grilling the Sustainable Way

I have a pretty small kitchen, it’s not as small as some New York City kitchens I’ve seen but for Suburban standards its sub par at best. Because in my opinion my kitchen is so space challenged I can’t wait for the summer months where I can basically move my kitchen outdoors to the great […]

The Long Awaited Pig Roast

The Long Awaited Pig Roast

Lisa Bell and Nicole Rees purchase a whole pig from a local butcher shop for a pig roast to serve to their supper club friends.


Mojo Criollo Nuevo Marinade and Brine

This is an adaptation of a Caribbean-style brine or marinade for pork. The lime juice subs for the traditional sour oranges which can be difficult to find. I’ve reduced the salt as low as I can and still have a “brine.” The dark beer (I used a mocha stout.) adds a hint of sweetness and […]


A BBQ Master Delivers: Tips for Preparing Chicken

From the Award-Winning DVD (full disclosure: yes, it’s ours), BBQ Secrets: The Master Guide to Extraordinary Barbecue Cookin’, world champion cook Mike Davis demonstrates some tips for preparing chicken for the cooker. For many of us, the notion that cooking barbecue requires much experience and know-how to do a good job—it doesn’t! But, for those […]

Going Whole Hog

Going Whole Hog (video)

Going whole hog for world champion BBQer Mike Davis is an every day experience. A cancer survivor, Davis has made barbecue not only his life’s passion, he has made it into a highly successful career.