Naomi's Organic Farm Supply

Visit to an Urban Agriculture Organic Farm Supply Store (slideshow)

This post is under construction. A new video player will be added shortly. CUpS recently spent the day filming at Naomi’s Organic Farm Supply for an upcoming DVD series, and had the good fortune to get to know the co-founder of the company, Naomi Montacre, an expert on raising egg laying chickens in urban environments. […]

Pasture Raised Chickens on Polyface in Swoope, Virginia

Joel Salatin Polyface Farm

There is probably no one left in the food and farming community who hasn’t heard the name Polyface, the Shenandoah Valley super-farm famous for its lush pastures, happy animals and natural husbandry overseen by self described “lunatic farmer” Joel Salatin. The farm has been featured in books and films, including Food, Inc. and Michael Pollan’s […]

Video thumbnail for youtube video Farmers Look for Justice in the Poultry Industry: Met with Fear, Threats, Intimidation and Hope in Alabama

Farmers Look for Justice in the Poultry Industry

[Editor’s Note: The Department of Justice and the USDA are jointly conducting five public workshops in different regions of the country, to investigate anti-competitive business practices throughout the entire agriculture sector. Food activist Dave Murphy, drove 1800 miles round-trip to this second workshop, that focuses on alleged monopolistic practices by the large poultry producers. What […]