A look into the Edible future

February 01, 2010 Washington Post journalist Jane Black, from her recent trip to the yearly Edible Institute conference in Santa Fe, NM, writes about the food trends seen for the upcoming year. Five are mentioned, including one about CSA’s evolving: “I’ve always loved the idea of community-supported agriculture, but the structure has always been too […]

Getting local foods to local tables: Part III, a farmer’s perspective

January 11, 2010 After all the planning, planting, and harvesting, how does a farmer get all that food distributed locally? “Even with bizarre weather patterns and climate change, even with the seemingly random challenges every natural system throws in one’s way, connecting the food they produce with the people who want to eat that food […]

Family and Friends Help Pick Beans at Red Truck Farm on Sauvie Island. Photographs courtesy of Kristine Karnezis

Red Truck Farm

As I drive across this quiet stretch of river on the small, two-lane bridge to Sauvie Island, leaving for now the city of Portland not so far behind, I want to write the story of Red Truck Farm, a 1/2-acre vegetable and dry bean farm dedicated to growing organic food for the local community. I […]

Goats Clearing Brush

A Diversified Crop and Livestock Farmer: My Introduction

Part I: I am a diversified livestock and vegetable farmer with six acres of land, where I now run a full time farm business called The Little Homestead. While I’ll be covering various aspects of food and farming in future articles on CUpS, I figured that first off, an introduction would be in order. This […]