Heading Out to Fishing Shack

Spear Fishing In Minnesota

The activities available to Minnesotans during the course of our long winters are minimal: snow shoeing, cross country skiing, staying warm and of course ice fishing.  This age old activity is often nothing more than an excuse to sit around and drink beer.  Often the fishing process is so mechanized that you really don’t have […]

Barn raising, early 1900's

Crop Mob

October 12, 2010 The name ‘crop mob‘ has been compared to the long ago community effort of barn raising: a group of people coming together to help a fellow farmer build a barn. Today, these volunteer hands meet up at a farm and pitch in to do whatever is needed. Barth Anderson, of Fair Food […]

Video thumbnail for vimeo video Farm To Market (video)

Farm To Market (video)

The Perennial Plate Episode 15: Farm to Market from Daniel Klein. Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of following the farm-to-market process with one of the “successful” upstart organic farms. Laura and Adam from Loon Organics let me film and work through their Friday-Saturday operation. I had been idealizing the idea of starting a […]

Daniel Klein, chef and filmmaker

A Winter Harvest Dinner At Gardens

As the ramps, chives, radishes and asparagus pop up, do you even remember winter? Two months ago, the snow in Minnesota was deep and I had the task of creating a meal for fifty people using only Minnesota ingredients. Cooking with obstructions can be one of the most inspiring ways of creating a menu. After […]