Native Perspectives on Sustainability – a series

January 12, 2010 “Extensive research suggests that the collective behavior of humanity is on an unsustainable path (e.g., Millenium Ecosystem Assessment, 2005). More and more people are awakening to this reality and are beginning to pursue answers for a just and sustainable future. In the midst of this unfolding story are indigenous people across the […]

A 21st Century Social Contract Between Agriculture & the Public

January 8, 2010 A Farm Foundation Roundtable discussion took place today. Michael Dimock, of Roots of Change (ROC) was present, offering “ten basic building blocks” for a new social contract. Dimock goes on to say, ” I am a realist who looks at the past and says we can, we will, and we must change […]

States ban practices that support CAFOs

January 8, 2010 “Several states recently banned specific practices that are common in CAFOs (confined animal feeding operations), taking small steps to level the playing field for more sustainable farms.” h/t @OrganicConsumer Go to Original Source…