Don Wachlin, 1948--2011

Farmer Don: Ode to a Small Family Farmer

January 8, 2012, Sherwood, Oregon. A packed crowd of friends and family gathered for the ceremony at the local Lutheran church where Don Wachlin (to us, Farmer Don) was to be buried in the small cemetery lot, a mere few hundred yards from the church his ancestors helped to build. We had come to know […]

This Week on Cooking Up a Story

The middle class is shrinking. Income disparity—the gap between the rich and the poor is widening—we live in two Americas. Those who have access to a good education, good job opportunities, good health insurance, and good food—and those who do not. This Tuesday, January 25, 2009, TwoJunes begins their 3-part series on Cooking Up a […]

Farm Pizza

Watch the related video story: A New Family Farmer Michael Paine is a rare breed; he doesn’t come from a farming family, and he’s relatively young. His story is a good example of the unique challenges facing those who wish to take up farming. For a hardy farm lunch we like to make pizza out […]