Getting local foods to local tables: Part III, a farmer’s perspective

January 11, 2010 After all the planning, planting, and harvesting, how does a farmer get all that food distributed locally? “Even with bizarre weather patterns and climate change, even with the seemingly random challenges every natural system throws in one’s way, connecting the food they produce with the people who want to eat that food […]

It Takes a Community to Sustain a Small Farm

January 8, 2010 Steph Larsen, of the Center for Rural Affairs, points out the essential pieces of growing a local food system, and the necessity of adding community for it to thrive. We all play an integral part in the growing, buying, and eating of food. h/t @LocavoreBlog Go to Original Source…

A Sustainable Farmer Talks Corn

A Sustainable Farmer Talks Corn (video)

Organic farmer Anthony Boutard, of Ayers Creek Farm, shares the history behind the different varieties of corn that he grows and describes their more notable uses.

Starting a Community Farmers Market-Part Two

This is part of an ongoing series; Heather Jones shares her first-hand experiences as she attempts to bring a farmer’s market to her small rural community of Woodbine, New Jersey, population: 2800. Who knew it could be this hard? You guys know the expression that “Time is of the essence”. Well I’m starting to think […]