Joya Parsons and Toffee, a Ameraucana pullet; photo courtesy Joya Parsons

Meet a Farmer: Joya Parsons, Chicken Farmer

March 07, 2010 Exposed to her parents interest in horticulture as a young child, Joya Parsons grew to embrace her green thumb. “By the time I reached my early twenties, I was bitten by the horticulture bug.” Her interest in growing things was played out on the land her parents went on to buy in […]

An Iowa Farmer on the Meaning of Sustainability

February 20, 2010 Denise O’Brien has begun a new series on the Blog for Iowa website about sustainable agriculture. O’Brien (co-founder of Women, Food & Agriculture Network) and her husband Larry Harris have been growing organic produce for over 30 years and sell through their Rolling Acres CSA. She will be discussing the different issues […]

Farmers, conservation groups join to preserve farmland near Portland’s suburbs

January 27, 2010 As the time for public comments draw to a close, a look at a local hazelnut orchard and tree farm in Clackamas County – one of the counties in the Portland metro area deciding where to place urban and rural Reserves for future populations and possible development. Peter McDonald is concerned farms […]