Genetically Engineered Crops For Agriculture

Genetic Engineering: Road to Paradise or Paradise Lost?

This video from the political advocacy group Greenpeace, provides an overview of the contentious issues of biotechnology (genetic engineering) as it applies to food production. In some ways, biotechnology is the equivalent of the abortion rights issue of the agriculture world. Both sides of the debate hold entrenched views. Those in opposition to its use […]

Uncertain Peril: Genetic Engineering and the Future of Seeds

A Conversation with Claire Hope Cummings-Part 3

Claire Hope Cummings, in this third segment of interviews hones in upon the essential problems plaguing our agriculture system, she argues is a direct result of the industrialization of agriculture. “Our bodies are not machines”, Cummings reminds us, all the parts of a biological (agriculture) system must remain healthy if we are to produce healthy […]