Amflora potato. photo courtesy BASF

A Potato Remade for Industry Has Some Swedes Frowning

June 11, 2010 In Skara, Sweden, the genetically modified Amflora potato is being grown for its starch content, not food. But the debate and concern still continues for many in the region. Go to original post…

A Important Case of Preserving Food Sovereignty and Avoiding Green Revolution Calamity

March 109, 2010; Don’t overlook Malawi! In Seedling Magazine, a recent article about this tiny east African country that faces big battles ahead with how it feeds its people, and whether it can forestall the pressures of “Green Revolution” style assistance from the international community. At stake a nation, how it can reliably feed itself, […]

South Australia alone on GM canola ban

January 28, 2010 Western Australia recently decided to allow genetically modified (GM) canola to be planted in their fields. A statewide ban on GM food and crops was adopted in 2003. This from “State governments agreed with widespread warnings that GM canola would adversely impact markets and trade in Australian food products. They used […]