Factory Farms Protest Sign In Iowa

As We Sow: The Corporate Farm

I started “documenting” in 2001, not “making a documentary” exactly, because I really didn’t know what it was going to end up being. The New York Times had run a series of articles about the disappearance of small towns across the Midwest, about communities drying up and farmers forced off the land. I wanted to […]

Circa 1929, Off the Coast of what is now known as Woods Hole Observatory

Industrial Agriculture and the Organic Alternative: Rachel Carson’s Contribution

Part 2: However insightful it was, the organic vision that Howard and his peers, notably Lady Eve Balfour in England and J.I. Rodale in America, had outlined by 1950 was incompatible with the changes then transforming commercial agriculture. The components of this transformation were not all that new – chemically derived fertilizers and pesticides were introduced in the nineteenth century and hybrid seeds and mechanized tractors became commercially available during the 1920s.

The New Film: Food Inc.

CBS News Interviews journalist Michael Pollan, along with Food Inc. producer and director, Robert Kenner. Watch CBS Videos Online Tomatoes that don’t taste like a tomato (but hey, they also don’t bruise), cloned animal meats (really?), and a look behind the curtain of food production in America; this film presents a grim view inside our […]

Paul Roberts, The End of Food

Paul Roberts: The End of Food, part 2 (video)

Part 2. Journalist and author, Paul Roberts continues his argument that developing an alternative food system will not be quick, nor will it be easy to accomplish. It will require substantial support from the government in order to develop and take hold, and require a systematic approach to creating holistic solutions. Roberts points out, risk […]

Curt Ellis, King Corn

A Conversation with ‘King Corn’ Filmmaker Curt Ellis-Part 3

Farming today is not what we may imagine it to be. It’s become largely an industrial process, and corn epitomizes this shift in production methods. In Part 3, ‘King Corn’ filmmaker Curt Ellis shares his experience growing an acre of corn in Iowa, and what it was like for him and his partner. Surprisingly, the […]