Farm To Fork Portland, Oregon

Farm To Fork and the Local Food Economy

As a new USDA report documents for the first time the economic value of the local food economy, a local organization helps build deeper connections around local food.

Willem Treep and Drees Peter van den Bosch

Willem and Drees: Local for Local Distribution

September 19, 2011 After discovering “fruits & vegetables are transported around the Globe and purchasing an apple grown around the corner in a local supermarket is impossible”, Willem Treep and Drees Peter van den Bosch (of the Netherlands) got together to come up with an idea on how to get locally grown produce into local […]


The Unconventional Harvest: Melstone, Montana—Population 136

In a land where people wore jeans, boots, and rancher hats all year round – I stuck out like a sore thumb. And I didn’t give a damn. 10 miles east of Melstone, Montana, a stiff wind barreled into my path. The air was hot – yet it felt fantastic. Excerpt 11.

Video thumbnail for youtube video Discovering Farmers Markets Wherever You Are

Discovering Farmers Markets Wherever You Are

August 12, 2011 Two things came together and made a splash: data and love for good food! Last year the USDA launched a new mapping feature for their National Farmers Market Directory and access to raw data for “app designers and researchers to develop even more sophisticated or fine-tuned uses of the USDA Farmers Market […]