Urban Fruit Gleaning

Urban Fruit Gleaning (video)

Urban fruit gleaning collects fruit that grows on neighborhood trees, and distributes it to local Food Banks for distribution benefiting those in need.

Tons of Tasty Tomatoes

Tons of Tasty Tomatoes (video)

Tons of tomatoes, and over 70 different varieties are represented at this tomato fest. These farm fresh tomatoes have character, beauty, and yes, even charm. It was back in May. Or maybe it was June. I passed by a group of folks selling plants for a community fundraiser. It was a good cause and I […]


Pop-Up General Store in Oakland

May 27, 2010 At the end of last summer, Eccolo in Berkeley, CA, closed much to the sorrow of the owner/chefs, and to the clientele also. They cooked for flavor, using ingredients that were locally grown and raised. The results were thoroughly enjoyed by many. Fast forward to now: The two chefs – Chris Lee […]

Customer samples mustard from food vendor at Beaverton Farmers Market

Food Sampling at Austin Farmers Market Gets Yes Vote

Editor’s note: this is a dormant page available only for historical purposes. It was originally published on April 29, 2010. The video and some of the links are no longer active and have been removed. April 29, 2010 Going to the Farmers Market is always an uplifting adventure. Not only do I get to meet […]