Organic Foods: Your Backyard Farmer

Organic Foods: Backyard Agriculture (video)

A simple idea led two women into a thriving new business. Creating backyard mini-farms for homeowners who want their own fresh herbs and vegetables, but lack the time or know-how to do it for themselves.

Food Alliance Scavenger Hunt

Where’s Food Alliance? Scavenger Hunt

April 09, 2010 Do you remember scavenger hunts? It’s a popular party activity where participants get a list of tasks or items that need to be done or collected and a winner is determined after all is completed. Food Alliance, a nonprofit organization that provides third-party certification to address safe and fair working conditions, humane […]


TED Talks Food: Broadcasting Voices and Ideas to the Public

March 26, 2010 Civil Eats recently wrote up an excellent list of food-related TED Talks given over the years – neatly compiled, summarized, and embedded for easy access and view-ability. Included are: Jamie Oliver, Mark Bittman, Ann Cooper, Dan Barber, Carolyn Steel, and Michael Pollan. A big note of thanks to @StaceySlate for taking the […]