Pasture Raised Chickens on Polyface in Swoope, Virginia

Joel Salatin Polyface Farm

There is probably no one left in the food and farming community who hasn’t heard the name Polyface, the Shenandoah Valley super-farm famous for its lush pastures, happy animals and natural husbandry overseen by self described “lunatic farmer” Joel Salatin. The farm has been featured in books and films, including Food, Inc. and Michael Pollan’s […]

Factory Farms Protest Sign In Iowa

As We Sow: The Corporate Farm

I started “documenting” in 2001, not “making a documentary” exactly, because I really didn’t know what it was going to end up being. The New York Times had run a series of articles about the disappearance of small towns across the Midwest, about communities drying up and farmers forced off the land. I wanted to […]

States ban practices that support CAFOs

January 8, 2010 “Several states recently banned specific practices that are common in CAFOs (confined animal feeding operations), taking small steps to level the playing field for more sustainable farms.” h/t @OrganicConsumer Go to Original Source…