Inoculating a wood log with Elm Oyster

Manual Fruit Tree Pollination-Dusting-Part 3

“WWOOF! The Movie” is about a collective of organizations that go by the acronym WWOOF: World-Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. My wife and I have traveled around the globe for the last 5 months and videotaped our experiences within the organizations of France, Japan, Italy, and India. The tentative delivery date for the whole sha-bang […]

Call of the Honeybees

Call Of The Honeybees (video)

Ever since Rachel Carson’s book “Silent Spring” first appeared, warning us against the dangers of chemicals in our natural world—we seem to be entering a new, more dangerous period, where the accumulated human effects upon the environment are producing an obvious toll. In this story, another human soul speaks out, this time, about the plight […]