Video thumbnail for youtube video Farmers Look for Justice in the Poultry Industry: Met with Fear, Threats, Intimidation and Hope in Alabama

Farmers Look for Justice in the Poultry Industry

[Editor’s Note: The Department of Justice and the USDA are jointly conducting five public workshops in different regions of the country, to investigate anti-competitive business practices throughout the entire agriculture sector. Food activist Dave Murphy, drove 1800 miles round-trip to this second workshop, that focuses on alleged monopolistic practices by the large poultry producers. What […]

The Waste Land: Organic Agriculture during the Bush Years

Part 7: The NOP itself was responsible the next time the organic community got sand kicked in its face, though once again a grassroots campaign snatched, if not victory, at least the status quo from the jaws of defeat. In the absence of any interest in the organic regulations from the political appointees, the NOP bureaucrats decided to start making and implementing policy pronouncements themselves.

California Judge Allows 2010 Genetically Engineered Beet Harvest

March 16, 2010. Despite the successful outcome in September 2009 of a Federal lawsuit brought by The Center For Food Safety, Earth Justice, and other environmental groups against the USDA to require an environmental statement before allowing GM sugar beets to be grown, U.S. District Court Judge Jeffrey White ruled yesterday to allow the 2009 […]

USDA AntiTrust Workshop In Ankeny, Iowa

Attorney General Eric Holder Calls for Historic Era of Antitrust Enforcement

March 16, 2010 Once again rural America stands on the Edge of Hope. Ankeny, Iowa. There are moments in a nation’s history that define it. For America’s remaining 2 million farmers (less than 1% of the population) and the more than 300 million eaters, the recent joint Department of Justice and Department of Agriculture workshop […]