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Whole Earth Catalogue Revisited

This video provides a glimpse into a life devoted to green building, and spreading knowledge on ways to become more self-sufficient.


David Korten: Agenda for a New Economy 4 (video)

“If we have a need in society, and we have unutilized labor, land, technology— the other real resources required to address it— money alone should never be the deciding constraint.”—David Korten In part 4, David Korten concludes his talk on transforming the destructive, (and corrupt) Wall Street driven financial system to one centered around meeting […]


David Korten: Agenda For a New Economy 3 (video)

“…Earth’s bounty, on which all of life depends, is the shared birth right of all living beings; none of us created it, and none of us has a right to monopolize it.”—David Korten In this third installment, David Korten, author of Agenda For a New Economy, outlines the steps necessary to create an economy that […]

David Korten, Agenda for a New Economy

David Korten: Agenda for a New Economy (video)

The major issues before our nation, and of the world run deeper, more profound, than political labels and simplistic arguments currently maintain. We have framed our debate in almost Homer Simpsonesque style, fittingly delivered through endless sound bites, and cursory analysis on traditional news outlets. Korten maintains that we rely heavily upon the most effective (and cynical) educational tool ever devised: mass media advertising.