"American Wasteland" by Jonathan Bloom

On CBS and Carrots

November 18, 2010 Mainstream media made a visit to Jonathan Bloom’s home recently to talk to him about America’s habits of wasting food. Bloom’s recently published book, American Wasteland, focuses on this subject – a subject that will certainly be talked about even more after seeing the CBS video. It was amazing to see how […]

Photograph by: Glenn Baglo, PNG

Windermere Student Farmers Reach Out with Mobile Composting Project

November 10, 2010 Teenagers in Vancouver, BC, are growing their own urban farm at their high school, Windermere Secondary. To help build soil fertility for their 11 bed gardens and 320 square foot greenhouse, the school board won a grant to install a commercial compost system called an Earth Tub. The students ride their bikes […]

Urban Fruit Gleaning

Urban Fruit Gleaning (video)

It grows on trees, but is often wasted. A group of volunteers, urban gleaners is working to reduce food waste, and help those in need.

Portland Composting Program

Portland Mayor Names Test Neighborhoods for Food Scrap Composting Project

April 13, 2010 This is great to read! As a city, Portland is taking another step toward lowering it’s carbon footprint impact by offering a residential curbside pickup of food scraps to be composted. “Letters notifying participating households went out Friday. Starting the week of April 26, participants will receive a 2-gallon plastic bin for […]