Video thumbnail for youtube video Community Digs in to Help Local Farm and Eatery

Community Digs in to Help Local Farm and Eatery

June 03, 2011 Dava Parr, owner of Fresh & Wyld Farmhouse Inn, a small local business in Paonia, Colorado, was facing a balloon payment she could not make and recently reached out to the community for support, and found it. One such person who stepped forward to help out was High Country News managing editor, […]


Hope Butter—Making Butter the Traditional Way

One of the only independent creameries in Minnesota, Hope Butter, is a century old business that continues to make butter the old-fashioned way. There have been strong years and slow years, but the last 10 have been increasingly successful. Featured at many of the top restaurants, at the Co-ops as well as in regular grocery […]


Urban Farming Gains Ground

March 15, 2011 As people flock to their local farmers market and discover the taste and freshness of locally grown fresh food, many decide that they want to grow some of that goodness too. Vanessa Barrington, of EcoSalon, wonders if urban farming is the next big ‘thing’ – not to just grow food for yourself, […]