A Small Scale Integrated Livestock Farmer (video)

Also this week on Food.Farmer.Earth:

Husband and wife team, farmers Mike Guebert and Linda Bangs live on 10 acres of land, raising and tending to a variety of livestock. Currently, they have 2 Jersey cows, and 40 goats that provide raw milk; about 250 laying chicken hens for eggs, and 800 chickens for (meat) broilers; and 5 turkeys: 4 hens, and one happy tom. Oh yes, and not to forget, 2 heritage breed pigs, and just the day before we arrived this spring (2012), they picked up 14 wiener pigs.

This is a snapshot moment of life on their farm, and their story.


    • says

      Hi Don,

      I see what you are doing. The one comment I have, working with any food, including raw milk, should be done under sanitary conditions. From what I can see in your video, it looks like the sink area may not be clean. Maybe it’s just the video, and not actually the case.

      Thanks for sharing.


  1. Daniel Maurice says


    I wanted to know where the Guebert and Bangs’ farm is located. Also, if they are not in the New York area, is there a way to order from them?

    Thank You,

    Daniel J. Maurice

    • says

      Hi daniel:

      Their farm is located in Corbett, Oregon near Portland. Here’s their email to inquire about their milk: terrafarma(at)comcast.net​​

      Good luck!


  2. Victoria says

    Is there some way I could contact the man in this video? I sincerely am interested in buying some land once I graduate college. I was born and raised in the city but my dream is to become a farmer, possibly work on the side while I’m adjusting to the farmer life. I just want to know how you get started. How do you butcher an animal that you raised from a baby…etc. I absolutely love all farm animals and that would be the most difficult part for me. I would really just like to talk to someone about it who does it.

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    Hi Brenda, Lisa, and Marcello: (and others who experienced a problem viewing our videos)

    Sorry for the recent difficulty viewing the videos from the RSS feed after the videos were first published. We recently adjusted the post scheduling in such a manner that unintentionally made the videos unviewable between the hours of 4 am (PST) and 7 am.

    This will not happen again. The videos on YouTube and on the CUPS site will publish at the same time (4am (PST) and until further notice, be published on the same day.

    Thanks for bringing this issue to our immediate attention.


  4. Lisa Lammert says

    In the last two newsletters, there have been videos embedded in the letter that are private and I cannot view them without becoming a member on YouTube. When did things change? I used to be able to watch the embedded videos in your newsletters in the past. I do not want to join the YouTube member’s club so is there any other way I can watch these videos?

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