As We Sow: The Corporate Farm

I started “documenting” in 2001, not “making a documentary” exactly, because I really didn’t know what it was going to end up being. The New York Times had run a series of articles about the disappearance of small towns across the Midwest, about communities drying up and farmers forced off the land. I wanted to understand what was happening, and I wanted to hear it from the farmers themselves. More

A Protest Sign In Iowa

What are the results and realities of the continued concentration of agricultural production, marketing, and retail? “What kind of a society are we going to leave for our children,” asks a farmer turned activist, “if we allow the continued consolidation—not only in agriculture—but in every aspect of the American economy where all of the wealth and power are being concentrated into the hands of a very few?”

Jan’s career in television and film production spans some 35 years. Over that time she has produced, directed, and written commercials, corporate programs, network pilots, and co-produced two feature films. Through her marketing and communications consulting company, JW Creative Solutions, Ltd., she works with a myriad of corporate clients to plan, develop, and execute communications, marketing, and corporate education programs. As We Sow was Jan’s first documentary, (and not the last) and she continues to document food and farm from her no-so-rural perch in Brooklyn, NY. For additional information about her film, or to purchase the DVD, she can be contacted at janweber(AT) and at her As We Sow website.

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