Cheese By Hand (video)

Out of a personal sense that something was missing, began a journey through America, one cheese at a time.

Have you ever come up with an idea or scheme to do something you really wanted to do, ached to do? Then that voice of reason/doubt/practicality pops in and bursts the bubble. No, no, I better not. If everyone listened to that voice some great adventures and discoveries would have been left to someone else. Or maybe to no one.

a wheel of artisan cheese at the portland farmers marketWhen I read about Michael Claypool and Sasha Davies and their project, Cheese By Hand, in the Pacific Northwest Cheese blog, I thought, now there’s a road trip! Taking four months off from work, traveling the country, and visiting artisan cheesemakers. And they came up with the cool idea to share their adventures, as they happened, through the blog created just for the trip! Cozy, in front of my computer I could read, look, and listen as they discovered each farm and learned first-hand from the cheese-maker what it was like for them to create their product.

What was cooler yet, they were coming to town for the American Cheese Society’s yearly conference (sold out, BTW!). I wanted to meet these people. They would be staying several days in Portland, and were very interested in exploring the Portland Farmer’s Market, where they were hoping to discover more cheese-makers. There we met, and I was able to join them briefly as they continued their journey of discovery.

Recipe from this show: Quick Apricot Salad



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    This site is absolutely wonderful! I love what you are doing here. Shana and I have recently started a small local business in Burlington, VT. Right now we are selling Master Sauce (A Spicy Condiment and Cooking Sauce), Veggie Crumbles (A ground meat alternative) and Veggie Breakfast Patties (NOT veggie sausage, but real good fried next to an egg!). Anyway, we are hoping to combine our products with local food activism, cooking instruction, traditional food preparation workshops, and supporting local farmers through a lacto-fermented foods product line. Come check out our blog if you all have a moment!

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