David Korten: Agenda for a New Economy 2 (video)

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“It is a stunning commentary on our time, that most graduates from our institutions of higher learning—even with degrees in economics and business—have no idea how the money system operates as a system of power, and have no intellectual tools to address its role in distorting society’s values, and resource allocation decisions.” —David Korten

Part 2; David Korten, author of Agenda for a New Economy, and former Visiting Associate Professor of the Harvard University Graduate School of Business explains in understandable terms, how our money system operates in today’s world. Korten argues, understanding the true nature of money “is an essential key to breaking out of our collective trance”, a form of mass psychosis whose corrosive effects can be strongly felt throughout society.

David Korten’s talk was presented by the Cascadia Green Building Council whose focus is on addressing “the impact of the built environment on the planet we call home”.


  1. Marianna Malaspina says

    When will Mr. Korten speak in NYC next? I really would like to attend the event; have been reading “Agenda for a New Economy” and on my Linkedin profile I recommend it for any MBA course. There must be an alternative to the surreal Wall Street model. Finance can be a force for good and can not be left in the hands of crooks, as we would not leave the field of medicine in the hands of cosmetic and breasts surgeons.

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