Saving Seeds from the Garden (video)

Part 2: After harvesting seeds, how do you properly store them for the next year?

Robyn Streeter, who herself grew up on a farm, and is now co-owner of Your Backyard Farmer, has been actively growing food and teaching others how to grow food for many years. She demonstrates the several steps she takes in saving seeds, shares some do’s and don’ts for storage, and describes which plants typically don’t produce good seeds for growing in an urban environment.

As you will see in the video, saving seeds is relatively easy to do, is economical, and provides an opportunity to continue growing heirloom varieties that can be further developed over time to produce more desired characteristics. Some of the seeds seen in the video are lettuce, bean, calendula (flower), mustard, and tomato.

Here’s a link to the part 1 video: Harvesting and Saving Seeds from the Garden

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