How to Barbecue Championship Ribs (Video)

A few years ago, I produced a couple of feature length DVDs on the subject of championship barbecue. The second DVD, Barbecue Secrets: The Master Guide to Extraordinary Barbecue Cookin, goes into considerable depth on the whole process of how to cook low & slow style barbecue from three world-champion cooks, and restaurateurs.

In this video clip, Terry Black, of Super Smokers BBQ shares his tips how to cook barbecue ribs that are rich in flavor, and come apart with your fingers (forks and knives not required). This is really no exaggeration, the attention to detail, and the care and knowledge he applies to his cooking is indicative of how these competition cooks approach their work, and simply how out of the ordinary their ribs compare with most backyard cooks.

After witnessing (and filming) a number of championship barbecue events, I’m all in support of adding this sport to the Summer Olympics roster.

Click here for a complimentary digital copy of the BBQ Secrets: The Master Guide to Extraordinary Barbecue Cookin’ 18-page recipe booklet (pdf) of the champions favorite recipes. Enjoy!


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