How to Make a Saké Simmered Salmon Dish

Gabe Rosen of Biwa Restaurant in Portland, Oregon, demonstrates how to make a Saké Simmered Salmon.

Saké Simmered Salmon recipe

serves 2, courtesy of Gabe Rosen

Gabe Rosen, Biwa Restaurant

Gabe Rosen, Biwa Restaurant


  • 1 salmon filet (aprox 2/3 pound)
  • chicken stock (1 cup)
  • sake (1 cup)
  • green onion (1 bunch) whites and tops cut into 1.5 inch length and separated
  • shiitake mushroom (6) stems removed
  • konbu (6×6 inch square)
  • garlic clove (2)
  • ginger (2 quarter sized slices)
  • salt to taste
  • togarashi


In a stovetop safe dish with a lid that isn’t much larger than your piece of fish:

  1. Crush garlic cloves and place in pot with ginger slices. Top with konbu sheet.
  2. Place fish skin side down on konbu. Tuck shiitake and green onion whites around fish.
  3. Add stock and sake and salt to taste.
  4. Put on stove at medium flame. Bring to brisk simmer, skim, and reduce to bare simmer.
  5. Cover and let cook gently until the fish is just done (about 12 minutes…).
  6. Tuck green onion tops under the broth to heat through and serve with a little togarashi sprinkled on top.

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