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Is Dairy Farming For You?

Farmers generally acknowledge, unless you grow up on a dairy farm, it’s hard to become one. Why? Dairy cows need milking 7 days a week, twice daily, 52 weeks a year, in addition to the normal requirements of running a farm. It’s not always an appealing lifestyle even for those with farming backgrounds, but for some, dairy farming is a highly desirable way of life.

One dairy farmer I met many years ago (Organic Dairyman: Director’s Cut) said he liked the lifestyle because it followed the rhythm of nature. As Garry Hansen of Lady-Lane Farm explains in the video, one of his reasons, he just loves the cows—he refers to them as his ‘girls’—in addition to providing a valuable product and service.

With the average age of farmers across country at around 57, who will replace the current generation of dairymen? Check out this related CUPS video we that tells Hansen’s personal story.

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