Lon Rombough and the Lost Luther Burbank Stoneless Plums

This video clip was filmed on July 20, 2010 and actually came about after we filmed the story of Lon Rombough’s apple tree, and his how-to demonstration for grafting a fruit tree. This has long been on our list to eventually edit and release. Sadly, this kind man, with an encyclopedic mind and a lifetime of work in the field as a plant breeder, and author of one of the seminal books on growing grapes (The Grape Grower), passed away in 2012.

Lon Rombough on his property, July 2010.

Lon Rombough on his property, July 2010.

Lon Rombough talks about the rediscovery of legendary plant breeder Luther Burbank’s stoneless plums who was the first to partially develop two stoneless varieties, and his own efforts to produce a satisfactory variety. As Rombough explains, the implications for developing a successful stoneless plum likely extends to other fruits, and agricultural researchers are continuing their quest to develop viable new stoneless varieties.

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