How to Make Small Batch Strawberry Jam (video)

Marge Braker, a retired home economics teacher demonstrates how to make small batch strawberry jam using fresh strawberries, sugar, and other simple ingredients. It’s strawberry season now, and the best (and may be) only time to find fresh strawberries in your neck of the woods is from May through June. The ones that grow in the Portland area literally melt in your mouth with sweetness and flavor. Canning strawberry jam is a great way to preserve fresh strawberries (and other berries) for year-round enjoyment. Check out Small Batch Strawberry Jam Recipe for the ingredients and all the necessary steps to make your own jam.

Watch the related story about Marge Braker, and Harriet Fassenfest, two close friends who developed a close bond through their mutual passion for preserving food: Preserving Food and Friendship.


  1. jessie says

    hi i seen your vidio on utube an that made in interested in make jam ,can this be done with canned or fresh pineapple thank you jessie

    • says

      Marge says this can be done with most fruits, but I’m not the expert here. Since this is a small batch recipe, why not try it? Can it keep for up to a year? You’d have to find another source for that answer – maybe call your local school extension center?

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