Organizing Seeds (video)

Every year Jean Ann Krevelen is an enthusiastic over-organizer of seeds…inevitably leading to hundreds of packets, trailing from her greenhouse to her bedroom (don’t ask). Last year, she decided to impose an easy organizing system on the lot and found that it made her life a lot easier. This video tells you a bit about Jean Ann’s methods, some of which utilize tools from her former 9 to 5 life.

Jean Ann Van Krevelen is a garden coach and author in Portland, Oregon. She loves all kinds of gardening, but has a passion for growing, harvesting, preparing and storing vegetables and fruits of all kinds. Though she is inspired by beautiful television garden shows, she understands that is just not reality for most people. Her book, Growing Food: A Guide for Beginners consists of easy to follow steps to start growing your own food.


  1. says

    What a great idea. My seeds are scattered everywhere and I always end up buying the same seeds over and over only to find an unopened pack as soon as I do. This is a must do!

  2. says

    Nice clip! I also have packs of seeds randomly placed around the house, and this is a great idea. However, since I have a hard time knowing when to plant, I think I may categorize mine by season. Also, I think it would be helpful to write notes about how well the plants grew in different areas of the yard + dates of planting – Jean Ann’s sleeves look perfect for storing such notes!

  3. says

    Y’know, like you LIsa, I have older seeds in packets tucked here and there around the house. According to the packet, they’re goners. I think I will give some of them a go & plant & see what happens. I love what Jean Ann came up with here, tho – not only for organizing seed types, but to help in the when-to-plant-what conundrum that occurs throughout planting time.

  4. Lisa Bell says

    omg! that is soooo organized. I must share that someone gave me a tiny tomato garden w/about 8 varieties 5 years ago. Hadn’t ever got around to planting them for various reasons. Decided what the hay, let’s just see what happens. Oversowed, thinking germination would have fallen off, but noooo! Now wondering what to do with my plus 50 tiny tomato plants in addition to all the other varieties I just couldn’t resist. Think I can find good homes for the surplus. Old peas, however, had given up the ghost. Go figure.
    Nice story!

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