Peek Inside An Organic Farm Supply Store

After moving to the Big Apple in 2001, Naomi Montacre quickly figured out that she preferred the countryside more than the urban lifestyle. After living in an inexpensive loft in Brooklyn for five years, working odd jobs to save money, she and her future husband Neil set their sights on Oregon, to find a patch of land, and possibly farm.

Though initially, they both were looking for land in more remote areas outside the Portland metro area, fate interceded in the form of a broken foot, and the need to find “sit down work” , one thing leading to another —eventually they landed in their present house, an almost half-acre property in the city of Milwaukie—just outside Portland. Making industrious use of their residential space, Naomi and her husband began raising chickens, ducks, and goats, and converted some of their available front and backyard space into gardens for growing food.

Inside Naomi's Organic Farm Supply Store

Inside Naomi’s Organic Farm Supply store. Photo courtesy of Lyndsey Grazel

Encouraged by friends to start their own company, their love of urban farming, and a strong sense of community, led them to open the original Naomi’s Organic Farm Supply where they set up shop for two years, but were forced to close prematurely when they lost their lease. This led to a 7 month interval where they kept their business afloat by delivering supplies to their established customers while they searched for a new location to set up shop.

The new Naomi’s Organic Farm Supply opened on March 4, 2012 a heart-beat away from their current residence. With their business continuing firmly in stride, and an obviously loyal customer base happy for their return, Naomi and Neil seem to have found their patch of land, and their calling.

More about Naomi and her Organic Farm Supply store:

Raising Backyard Chickens (video)

In the raising of young chicks, Montacre offers advice for those looking to raise chickens organically, without the use of medications in their feed, a practical suggestion how to do so in a healthy, and natural way.

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