Planting Seed Trays for Your Winter Garden (video)

You may be sitting in a heat wave right now, but it’s time to start planning your winter garden! Master Gardener Jen Aron gets a head start by planting some lettuce seeds in a seed tray. In this demonstration she uses a 72-cell tray, but any size will do.

Picking Kale

Other possible crops you might want to consider for a possible winter harvest are spinach, broccoli, carrots, beets, kale, and cabbage. Be sure and check the seed packet for specific information on how deep to plant the seeds. Aron gives a rule of thumb for planting depth: 3 times the largest diameter of the seed you are using.

If you haven’t considered planting a winter garden, maybe now is the time! There are many vegetables you can plant and harvest in the winter months, depending upon where you live.

Master gardener, Jen Aron watering her seed tray

Jen Aron, owner and operator of Peaceful Gardens, sustainable landscape design. OSU Extension Master Gardener, certified in Permaculture Design, have been teaching sustainable agriculture and Permaculture throughout the Portland area for the past two years, volunteer countless hours educating the Portland community about urban agriculture and sustainability.

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