World Premiere of The Love of Beer (video)

August 19, 2011 It’s fairly common knowledge that Portland, Oregon is well known for its beer and micro-breweries – there are over 30 breweries in town, and many more pubs that serve up this crafted ale. This weekend kicks off a week of microbrew celebration aptly called Portland Beer Week. There are a number of […]


Charcuterie, a documentary (video)

August 17, 2011 Full of history, love of food, and an interest in bringing old-world traditions into the 21st Century, it was a delight to discover Charcuterie – a Documentary via Ediblearia. In this short documentary “Charcuterie is defined as the cookery of meat, but in the past 700 years, it’s become so much more. […]

Ripe raspberry on vine

En Santé Organic Winery and Meadery

October 13, 2010 Farming and making wine on the homestead her grandparents established in 1927 in Brosseau, Alberta, Canada, Xina Chrapko from the get-go defines what organic means to her: “Why organic? It’s just because that’s how we’ve always farmed. A little pet peeve of mine is, you hear conventional farming and organic farming – […]


Making Cheese at Home

Having done so well with my butter making you can only guess what was next. I decided to tackle making cheese at home.