The Third Plate- Interview With Dan Barber

The Third Plate: Interview With Dan Barber

In this interview with Dan Barber, we talk about his book, The Third Plate, his passion for sourcing the finest ingredients, sustainability, and the importance of culture.

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A Conversation with Anna Lappé on Climate Change

While carefully connecting the dots between industrial agriculture, and climate change, food activist and author Anne Lappé underlines the inherent weaknesses of conventional agriculture, and the terrible costs to the planet if we do not reform our food system.


Alan Kapuler: Open Pollinated Public Domain Plant Breeder (video)

This is the third of an ongoing series with Dr. Alan Kapuler, founder of Peace Seeds, and former co-founder and research director for Seeds of Change. He currently resides in Corvallis, Oregon where he continues his research projects, and maintains his remarkable organic seed catalog. We live in a hyper-competitive era where often the model […]