The Unconventional Harvest: Melstone, Montana—Population 136

In a land where people wore jeans, boots, and rancher hats all year round – I stuck out like a sore thumb. And I didn’t give a damn. 10 miles east of Melstone, Montana, a stiff wind barreled into my path. The air was hot – yet it felt fantastic. Excerpt 11.

USDA AntiTrust Workshop In Ankeny, Iowa

Attorney General Eric Holder Calls for Historic Era of Antitrust Enforcement

March 16, 2010 Once again rural America stands on the Edge of Hope. Ankeny, Iowa. There are moments in a nation’s history that define it. For America’s remaining 2 million farmers (less than 1% of the population) and the more than 300 million eaters, the recent joint Department of Justice and Department of Agriculture workshop […]