Video thumbnail for youtube video A Conversation With Dan Imhoff-Part 4: Shifting Winds

A Conversation With Dan Imhoff-Part 4: Shifting Winds

Cooking Up a Story: Food News Furthering the conversation, Dan Imhoff explains how there are cracks appearing in the alliance. A number of opposing interest groups may be coming together to push the Farm Bill toward rewarding better farming practices: encouraging farmers to grow nutritious foods, and employ farming methods that preserve the land for […]

Dan Imhoff, The Farm Bill

A Conversation with Dan Imhoff: An Introduction to the Farm Bill-Part 1

In part 1, Daniel Imhoff explains the historical roots of the federal Farm Bill, arguably the single, biggest piece of legislation that effects land use in the U.S., and as he himself notes, most average citizens know little about this important bill. The current farm bill is a 90 billion dollar federal program that supports […]