Growing Food, Transforming Lives

There has been a recent return to growing food gardens. In Missoula, MT, they are taking it a step further with a program called Garden City Harvest.


Heritage Apple Orchard for the Community

April 22, 2011 An abandoned apple orchard, originally planted in 1911 by University of Minnesota (Duluth) horticulturists, was discovered nestled behind pine trees. “The last known map of the orchard, with records that identified trees by variety, was drawn in 1948. By the 1970s the orchard was abandoned. But a new generation of apple fanciers, […]

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Farm Together Now on Tour

February 17, 2011 There are many people behind the scenes who quietly go about growing/producing wholesome food and doing what they believe in everyday. Daniel Tucker, Amy Franceschini, and Anne Hamersky wanted to meet and talk to some of these people so spent the summer of 2009 traveling around the country to visit 20 different […]