Video thumbnail for youtube video Sustainable Food: Mushrooms Grown from Coffee Grinds

Sustainable Food: Mushrooms Grown from Coffee Grinds

January 20, 2011 This was an inspirational post, not just for the fantastic idea of using an ongoing resource of coffee grinds – Americans alone consume up to 400 million cups of coffee a day – but the fact that the idea of growing mushrooms from coffee grinds arose from a college lecture given by […]

"American Wasteland" by Jonathan Bloom

On CBS and Carrots

November 18, 2010 Mainstream media made a visit to Jonathan Bloom’s home recently to talk to him about America’s habits of wasting food. Bloom’s recently published book, American Wasteland, focuses on this subject – a subject that will certainly be talked about even more after seeing the CBS video. It was amazing to see how […]

Portland Composting Program

Portland Mayor Names Test Neighborhoods for Food Scrap Composting Project

April 13, 2010 This is great to read! As a city, Portland is taking another step toward lowering it’s carbon footprint impact by offering a residential curbside pickup of food scraps to be composted. “Letters notifying participating households went out Friday. Starting the week of April 26, participants will receive a 2-gallon plastic bin for […]