5,000 Megawatts and 8 Million Clams: FLUPSY is Cool

January 29, 2010 Ron Masters, a Conservation & Waterways Commissioner (Point Lookout, NY), gives a tour of a solar powered FLUPSY (Floating Upweller System). This clam nursery ‘boat’ helps the community environmentally and economically. “When the baby clams grow big enough to leave the nursery, they are deposited in local beds to support both recreational […]

South Australia alone on GM canola ban

January 28, 2010 Western Australia recently decided to allow genetically modified (GM) canola to be planted in their fields. A statewide ban on GM food and crops was adopted in 2003. This from GeneEthics.org: “State governments agreed with widespread warnings that GM canola would adversely impact markets and trade in Australian food products. They used […]

“Wait, Does This Go in the Recycling Bin?”

January 22, 2010 Ever have any angst over what is to be recycled? Should I, shouldn’t I? The Green Lantern column at Slate gives some tips and considerations before throwing out that plastic container. In addition, check out this handy post that explains the recycling symbols found on plastic containers. Go to Original Post…

Fish2Fork ‘names and shames’ restaurants

January 16, 2010 British journalist, Charles Clover, whose book led to the documentary film, The End of the Line, recently launched a new website: Fish2Fork. It’s purpose is to educate and and make known those eating establishments which are serving sustainable seafood vs. those that aren’t. Eaters have an opportunity to participate by posting their […]