Infarmation and Beer Event with Dan Imhoff, Kendra Kimbirauskas and Kathy Hessler

Factory Farms: In The Can (video)

This post is under construction. A new video player will be added shortly. The technical designation is CAFO, and it stands for “Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation”. To their detractors, they are often referred to simply as “factory farms”. Although CAFO can be very broadly applied to farms with even small numbers of livestock, for those […]

Factory Farms Protest Sign In Iowa

As We Sow: The Corporate Farm

I started “documenting” in 2001, not “making a documentary” exactly, because I really didn’t know what it was going to end up being. The New York Times had run a series of articles about the disappearance of small towns across the Midwest, about communities drying up and farmers forced off the land. I wanted to […]

How Cows (Grass-Fed Only) Could Save the Planet

January 22, 2010 Raising grass-fed cattle to save the planet – Eliot Coleman and Barbara Damrosch are building a barn and plan on adding livestock to their Four Season Farm…because they care. “Once he[Coleman] and Damrosch have brought in their livestock, they’ll “be able to use the manure to feed the plants, and the plant […]