Farm To Fork Portland, Oregon

Farm To Fork and the Local Food Economy

As a new USDA report documents for the first time the economic value of the local food economy, a local organization helps build deeper connections around local food.

Farmer picks tomatoes

House Approves Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act

December 03, 2010 Also known as the Child Nutrition Act, the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act (S3307) was passed in the House of Representatives yesterday. The good folks at Farm to School share this: “The House of Representatives today [12/02/2010] approved the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act (S. 3307), paving the way for President Obama to sign […]

Seed Catalogs: A Gardener’s Muse

February 08, 2010 If you are a food grower, it’s that time of year, again! Either you’re anxiously awaiting your seed order delivery, or you’re still pondering what will I grow this year. It doesn’t really matter if you only have a few pots on the patio or several beds in the backyard…planning and planting […]

Mariam Kalb Farm to School part 2

Farm To School: A Conversation with Marion Kalb-part 3

In this final segment, Marion Kalb, director of the Farm To School program, suggests practical ways to work with food service directors, and others, to bring fresh, locally produced foods into the school cafeteria lunchroom. Kalb shares success stories of schools in different areas of the country that have offered kids fresh vegetables and fruits, […]

Mariam Kalb part 2

Farm To School: A Conversation with Marion Kalb-part 2

Part 2: Marion Kalb continues the conversation around the Farm To School program, acknowledging that added costs for fresh foods are a challenge, but also explaining practical ways to overcome some of those obstacles. Pointing out, in some cases, the cost of fresh, locally supplied foods are less expensive than their out of state counterparts. […]