Don Wachlin, 1948--2011

Farmer Don: Ode to a Small Family Farmer

January 8, 2012, Sherwood, Oregon. A packed crowd of friends and family gathered for the ceremony at the local Lutheran church where Don Wachlin (to us, Farmer Don) was to be buried in the small cemetery lot, a mere few hundred yards from the church his ancestors helped to build. We had come to know […]

Sunflower Seeds Forever

Farmer Don: Sunflower Seeds Forever (video)

A field of shimmering sunflowers; a flock of hungry birds feeding , and a farmer who shares some of his stories about his sunflower fields. I have a soft spot for flowers. Years ago I took some painting classes from a great watercolorist, Susan St. Thomas. The subject I always picked to paint was flowers. […]

Farmer Don In His Own Words

Farmer Don-In His Own Words

Part of the reason pesticides are widely used in agriculture comes down to the general preferences of the average American consumer. Farmer Don, a local Portland farmer who grows and sells a variety of fresh foods explains the fussiness some people exhibit toward fruits and vegetables—they won’t buy if something is blemished or has any […]