Beautiful Corn: Soon The Snow Flies

Beautiful Corn: Soon the Snow Flies

Beautiful Corn is a ‘how-to’ from planting to eating. I provide a practicum of corn growing from seed selection through seed production, based on my experience as a farmer and gardener.

Organic Certification Standards for Poultry: An Insider's Look

Organic Certification Standards for Poultry: An Insider’s Look

Part 10: Beyond the intricacies of the production standards themselves, the story of organic poultry certification also includes one of the more fascinating sagas in the relationship between the organic community, the agribusiness establishment and the federal government.

Preserving an Essential Piece of the Local Food Web

Preserving an Essential Piece of the Local Food Web

Fermenting foods has long been an important technique for extending the life of foods well beyond their harvest season. Otherwise, as humans, we would have very little to eat in the winter and probably suffer from unpleasant nutritional deficiencies like scurvy.

Next Week: The Whole Egg

Coming Next: Farm Eggs

Next week, Tressa Yellig makes a Dungeness Crab and Green Garlic Quiche, Claire Carver shares her farm paintings.


Up In Smoke: Central America Rainforest Slash and Burn Practices (video)

Hope for progress on slash-and-burn farming Slash-and-burn subsistence agriculture has fed millions of families over past centuries; today it maintains their descendants in poverty; and its widespread failure is an underlying cause of rural-urban migration in the tropics. The consumptive process by which forest cover is converted to invasive grassland, over vast swathes of former […]