Preserving an Essential Piece of the Local Food Web

Preserving an Essential Piece of the Local Food Web

Fermenting foods has long been an important technique for extending the life of foods well beyond their harvest season. Otherwise, as humans, we would have very little to eat in the winter and probably suffer from unpleasant nutritional deficiencies like scurvy.

Anthony Boutard A Good Food Farmer

A Good Food Farmer (video)

Anthony Boutard, of Ayers Creek Farm, is not your typical farmer. Trained as a forester, he and his wife, Carol, backed into farming – as he likes to tell it.

Sunflower Seeds Forever

Farmer Don: Sunflower Seeds Forever (video)

A field of shimmering sunflowers; a flock of hungry birds feeding , and a farmer who shares some of his stories about his sunflower fields. I have a soft spot for flowers. Years ago I took some painting classes from a great watercolorist, Susan St. Thomas. The subject I always picked to paint was flowers. […]